Chicken breast cheese balls, a clean snack for people who are afraid of getting fat.


For all the ladies who are trying to lose weight, if you mention a cheese menu,  you may have to think hard about how high the calories will be. But for the chicken breast cheese ball menu, a   clean snack, this recipe doesn’t use any oil at all, low in calories, packed with chicken breast meat mixed with vegetables Add cheese to add a little bit of chewyness and make it crunchy. One piece is definitely not enough.

  • For people who are on a diet, clean eaters, or people who love their health, they probably must refrain from eating cheese menus according to the regulations. But the cheese chicken breast cheese ball menu that looks like it will make you fat is this menu that brought to you from  Mr. bookygatto, a member of website.  Owner of the Facebook page  Booky HealthyWorld  that has compiled a menu of clean food and weight loss food. And how to lose weight for girls who want a beautiful figure by changing from using oil to fry food to using a hot air oven instead. Form into balls, add chicken breast, carrots, and scallions and stuff with cheese. Plus it’s mixed with cornflakes. Oh… I’m hungry after talking. Come and see how to make it.

Friends, you’ve probably seen a lot of threads teaching how to make a cheese ball menu. It’s a menu that only has flour and cheese. And then fry it in oil, right? Many people who are trying to lose weight probably think that this menu is a forbidden menu. Because it doesn’t have any value besides flour, oil, and cheese. Friends have asked   a lot on Booky HealthyWorld ‘s Facebook page. What should I do if I want to eat this menu? I’ve been eating clean, healthy food for a long time. I want to eat some cheese. But if you eat it, you’ll be afraid of getting fat. There’s flour, oil, and cheese. It’s all fat. In the end, I didn’t dare to eat it. Being a woman is difficult. Today Book will make a cheese ball menu for people who are afraid of being fat. (That doesn’t mean it won’t be fat. If you eat too much, you can become fat. But this recipe will definitely have less calories and more benefits than regular cheese balls.)

Ingredients for Chicken Breast Cheese Balls

  1. • Minced Chicken Breast
    • Egg Whites
    • Mashed Cornflakes
    • Carrots (finely chopped)
    • Green Onions (finely chopped)
    • Mozzarella Cheese (Cut into small pieces)
  •            How to make chicken breast cheese balls.
  •            Mix the minced chicken breast with carrots and spring onions.

Shape the minced chicken breast into balls. And stuff the cheese into the center of the chicken breast mold.

• Take the chicken breast and coat it in egg white all over. Once done, mix it with crushed cornflakes.

• Put the chicken breast into a hot air oven over medium heat for about 10 minutes.

• Done. It’s not difficult at all, right? No need to fry until soaked in oil. Plus it adds protein from chicken breast. And vitamins from carrots and spring onions as well. It’s delicious. I recommend that you eat it while it’s hot because it will be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The cheese is very stretchy and really satisfying. •

Chicken Breast Cheese Ball Menu Afternoon snack menu Believe me, if you guys try this, you will really enjoy eating it until you can’t resist from the simple cheese ball menu. Increase the value of protein from chicken breast and vitamins from vegetables. Plus it doesn’t use oil. But don’t eat too much or you’ll get fat. I’ll say I didn’t warn you. 

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