6 recipes for thickened egg rice with thick ingredients Delicious, soft, chewy eggs

One common egg dish is condensed egg rice. It tastes great without any other additions. However, if you enjoy your food with toppings, make sure to check out our recipe for thick eggplant rice, which includes thick eggplant paired with fresh milk. Condensed rice with ham and egg, thick basil eggs, etc. The suppleness and almost-cooked, greasy eggs are what make them so delectable. Let’s look at some tips for creating thick eggs before heading into the kitchen.

Tips for making delicious thickened eggs

  • Condensed eggs should only be used in Teflon pans as this will prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan. Use low or medium heat so you can control the fire. and the eggs will not be overcooked. Otherwise it will turn into an omelet.
  • If there are other ingredients such as meat or vegetables Put it in and stir until cooked before pouring in the eggs.
  • If you want to add fresh milk to the eggs, you should add just enough. If you add too much, the eggs will be mushy and not set.
  • Once the egg is poured in, use a spatula to stir continuously until the egg content spreads or becomes streaky. Stop stirring when the eggs begin to cook. Turn off the heat.

Recipe for thickened egg rice with firm ingredients

1. Condensed egg rice

Classic thickened egg rice Add spring onions and coriander Season with fish sauce. Fry in a pan on only one side, stirring continuously. When cooked, the eggs will be greasy and look delicious.

Ingredients: Condensed Egg Rice

  1. egg
  2. fish sauce
  3. monosodium glutamate
  4. Fried garlic oil
  5. Chopped spring onions and coriander
  6. vegetable oil
  7. cooked rice

How to make thick egg rice

  1. Mix eggs with fish sauce, MSG, fried garlic oil, spring onions, and chopped coriander. Mix well.
  2. Set up a pan and put oil in it. When the oil is hot, pour in the eggs and fry. By continuously stirring until it looks like a thick egg. Stir until cooked to your liking. Pour and serve over hot steamed rice.

    2. Creamy egg rice with fresh shrimp and sausage

    Creamy Sausage and Shrimp Egg Rice Pour in some fresh milk to soften it. Either fresh or frozen shrimp will work. Add your preferred sausage recipe on top. Fry until the eggs are soft and cooked through.

    Ingredients: Creamy Egg Rice, Shrimp, Sausage

  3. 4 chicken eggs
  4. 4 tablespoons fresh milk
  5. fish sauce
  6. oyster sauce
  7. vegetable oil
  8. sausage
  9. Fresh shrimp (peeled, deveined, remove black veins)

How to make creamy egg rice with shrimp and sausage

Break the eggs into a basin, stir in the fresh milk and season to taste. Beat together until well blended.

Reduce the heat in the pan. Add vegetable oil. When the shrimp are done, add them and stir. After adding the sausage, briefly stir-fry it.

Add eggs and freshly poured milk. To disperse the ingredients, stir. Gently stop stirring the eggs as they start to set. Serve with steamed rice after scooping up any remaining juicy egg juice.

3. Condensed egg and fresh milk rice

Fresh milk with condensed egg over rice To amp up the heat in this recipe, use fresh chiles. The flavorful soy sauce is the star of the show. It’s sure to be a staple for anyone who enjoys spicy food.

Ingredients: Condensed eggs, fresh milk

  1. 3 eggs
  2. 2 tablespoons fresh milk
  3. seasoning powder
  4. chopped chilli
  5. Chopped coriander
  6. 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Ingredients: Shoyu sauce

  1. 3 tablespoons Japanese soy sauce
  2. 50 milliliters of water
  3. 1 tablespoon sugar
  4. 1/2 teaspoon seasoning powder

How to make condensed egg rice with fresh milk

  1. Make thick eggs by cracking eggs into a mixing bowl, adding fresh milk, adding seasoning powder, mixing well. Set aside.
  2. Set up a pan and put oil in it. Once hot, pour in the egg mixture. By continuously stirring until it looks like a thick egg. When finished, pour it over hot steamed rice.
  3. Make the sauce by setting up a pan, adding water, soy sauce, sugar, and seasoning powder, stir until dissolved, and when boiling, turn off the heat.
  4. Pour it on top of the eggs in the desired amount. Sprinkle with chopped chilli and coriander as desired.

4. Ham and Egg Condensed Rice

Ham and Egg Condensed Rice This recipe first stirs ham with butter to make it fragrant, then add eggs. Stir until the eggs begin to cook then serve.

Ingredients: Condensed Egg and Ham

  1. 2 eggs
  2. 2 tablespoons fresh milk
  3. fish sauce
  4. oyster sauce
  5. Fresh butter (optional or not)
  6. oil
  7. ham

How to make ham and egg on rice

  1. Crack eggs into a bowl, add fresh milk and season with fish sauce and oyster sauce. Beat together with eggs.
  2. Use medium to low heat. When the pan is hot, add the oil followed by the butter. If anyone wants to add only butter, that’s fine. But adding oil to butter will prevent the butter from burning and turning brown.
  3. When the butter has completely melted, add the ham and stir. Then followed by eggs. Stir until the eggs form streaks. Stir for a while, stop when the eggs begin to cook. Serve with steamed rice.

5. Condensed egg and basil rice

Rice topped with basil and a thick egg To add flavor and spice, pour the well-known stir-fried minced pork with basil over thick eggs. There’s no need to cook this dish again because it’s so excellent.

Ingredients for stir-fried minced pork with basil

  1. Ground pork marinated in seasoning powder (a little), blanched then drained.
  2. Holy basil leaves
  3. Chili and garlic pounded
  4. vegetable oil
  5. granulated sugar
  6. seasoning powder
  7. seasoning sauce
  8. oyster sauce
  9. Dark soy sauce

Ingredients: Condensed Eggs

  1. 3 eggs
  2. 3 tablespoons fresh milk
  3. 1 teaspoon fish sauce

How to make stir-fried basil

  1. Set up a pan and put oil in it. When the oil is hot, add the chilli and crushed garlic. Follow with boiled ground pork and stir until combined.
  2. Season with seasonings as desired. (You don’t need to add a lot of dark soy sauce.) Stir and mix well.
  3. Add the basil leaves and stir until softened. Scoop up and set aside.

How to make thick basil egg rice

  1. Make thick eggs by cracking eggs into a bowl. Season with fish sauce, add fresh milk, stir until combined.
  2. Heat a pan, add a little oil, pour in the eggs and stir until evenly distributed. When the eggs begin to cook, stop stirring. Spoon over hot steamed rice and pour minced pork with basil over eggs. Just this is done.

6. Bacon and basil with thick egg on rice

Rice with Basil Bacon and Condensed Egg Begin by thickening the eggs and sprinkle the rice on top. I then cooked bacon and basil in a stir-fry. You can pour it over the thickened eggs after stirring it until everything is properly blended.

Ingredients for Bacon and Basil Rice

  1. bacon
  2. vegetable oil
  3. Coarsely pounded chili and garlic
  4. granulated sugar
  5. seasoning powder
  6. oyster sauce
  7. Holy basil leaves
  8. cooked rice

Ingredients: Condensed Eggs

  1. egg
  2. fresh milk
  3. seasoning sauce
  4. 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

How to make bacon and basil with thick egg on rice

Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl, pour in the fresh milk, and add a small dash of spice sauce to make thick eggs. To disperse the ingredients, stir after that.

Vegetable oil is added to a hot pan. Transfer the egg mixture in. Don’t whisk the eggs anymore after they begin to set. Pour it over the rice after scooping it up while the eggs are still moist.

Make bacon and basil stir-fried. By incorporating a tiny bit of oil Add the crushed garlic and chile. Once aromatic, incorporate bacon and mix till a stunning color is achieved.

Use oyster sauce, sugar, seasoning sauce, and seasoning powder to season. Mix and stir thoroughly.

Add the basil leaves. Mix thoroughly and stir once more. Once it’s done, serve it over thick egg rice. This alone suffices.


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