Thinking of running to lose weight? How sure are you of running correctly?

Thinking of running to lose weight? How sure are you of running correctly?

Correct Running Position

The heel should touch the ground before the entire foot follows it down. and when the toes rotate down to touch the ground The heel will then turn up. The toes will be like scratching the ground. Kick your body like a spring, bounce upward and move forward. The point where your feet touch the ground should be in line with your knees. Your knees should be slightly bent and your feet should touch the ground after being stretched forward. * You should run with your back as      

straight and natural as possible , your head straight, your eyes straight. Forward, the sections from the head down the shoulders and hips to the floor form a straight line. The body does not lean forward or backward.

The movement of the arms helps with rhythm and balance in running. While running, your arms should swing back and forth like the pendulum of a clock, moving forward and backward. Try not to let your elbow bend in at a narrower angle than 90 degrees. Place your thumb comfortably on your index finger, grip your fingers loosely, and your wrist is not tense. Sometimes the arms may be straight down. Or shake your arms to relax your muscles. After holding your arms for a long time

, you should inhale through your nose and exhale simultaneously through your nose and mouth. Your breathing should be comfortable and try to breathe with your stomach. By inhaling into the lungs until the stomach expands and forcing the air out by pulling in the stomach. Because breathing incorrectly may cause colic while running.

However, you must understand first that Even the correct running position recommends that your heels touch the ground first. But it doesn’t mean that we shift our body weight onto our feet with emphasis. It’s just about positioning your feet in a way that will reduce shock. Because when the heels touch the ground The entire sole of the foot must follow down immediately. This is to absorb the impact force between the body’s weight and the ground. Therefore, anyone who runs with their heels fully planted must immediately adjust their running position to the correct running position. Before I had knee problems, my mission to lose weight was derailed. Plus, bad knee health comes with it

          –  you have to pay attention when running to lose weight. If you don’t want to hurt your knees Don’t bring your heel down all the way 

to know the correct running posture. Safe for knees and bones. This time let’s look at a weight loss running program

          – a fat burning running program. Do it with all your might to lose weight

          – 7 ways to run to lose fat. Burn with emphasis. End the problem of obesity

          – running training program for beginners. Change yourself to be able to run comfortably in 30 days.

In addition, choosing the right running shoes is also a factor that helps make running more efficient. Let’s look at how to choose running shoes

          – how to choose the right running shoes, good tricks that runners shouldn’t overlook.

However, running alone may not get you in shape quickly, so Lee Boyce, a fitness coach and owner of Boyce Training Systems in Toronto, advises: If you really want to exercise to lose weight and tone your body, you should choose Compound Strength Exercises, or exercises that require the movement of many joints in the body at the same time. Such as squats, deadlifts, hanging on the bar, or push-ups, etc., which will help with toning and building muscles as well.

Or if anyone wants to do cardio to increase their heart rate and lead to metabolism. There are still many other exercise methods to choose from, such as…

– Circuit training exercises

or comprehensive exercise This will be a series of exercises, performed consecutively to cover all parts of the body, with little rest between sets. This type of exercise will make the heart beat continuously. Gives the body an opportunity to use fat as energy. The principle is the same as aerobics. But it takes less time. It also helps the body use many muscles. Which equals burning more calories. Get more fit muscles And having the heart beat continuously can also help stimulate the metabolic system.

At this point, Coach Peng Sathik Thanatak, a sports scientist also commented on circuit training exercises that Exercising with circuit training for 10 minutes or more can make your heart strong and beat faster, comparable to other forms of cardio. But this depends on the circuit training program that we choose and how heavy or light it is. If you are very tired, the results may be greater than jogging. It depends on which side of the results we focus on. And how is our physical fitness?

– Sprint running. Sprinting

 is running quickly for a short period of time instead of running at the same speed. Continuously for a long time, which may increase the risk of injury. Or another way is to alternate running with muscle-building exercises, such as 30-40 minutes of weight training or circuit training followed by another 20-30 minutes of jogging, which will help us burn. More calories and toned body as well.

          This information is confirmed by a 2008 study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, which revealed the results of the experiment: Weight training combined with sprinting has the effect of increasing good hormones that help in burning more fat. It also reduces insulin sensitivity. Reduce the secretion of stress hormones while helping to increase growth hormone and testosterone This is a hormone that helps us burn fat without losing more muscle mass. Therefore, anyone who has an intention to lose weight should try following this.


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training will consist of intense exercise. and alternating light exercises , which will allow us to fully exercise every part of the body. It also causes your heart rate to increase. and burn fat from the body quickly Importantly, it also helps bring oxygen to various parts of the body, making the body work more efficiently. There is no need to do heavy exercise alone. The HIIT exercise method can be seen below

– Jump rope,

another easy cardio exercise. and helps burn fat well Importantly, jumping rope is still the most basic way to exercise. All you need is a jumping rope. By jumping rope 100-200 times per minute, you can burn 13 kilocalories per minute. But for people who have problems with knees, bones, and joints, you may need to try other exercise methods that are safer for your health than jumping rope –

– Swimming.

This is a way to exercise to lose weight that doesn’t affect your bones and joints at all. And swimming is also very good cardio, so whoever is bored will try running. Or there are some limitations that make it difficult to exercise in a way that requires impact resistance. It is recommended to exercise by swimming

          – swimming to lose weight. How many calories does each pose burn? Along with ways to burn more.

For people who like to exercise because they think it’s easy and economical. Don’t forget to run in the correct way. But for people who are not good with running Choose other types of exercise and do them in circles, at least for just 10-20 minutes a day regularly. Good health has been achieved

, but for people whose main aim is to lose weight. In addition to exercising in various ways, don’t forget that diet control is equally important. Including taking care of your health in other areas as well, such as sleeping and resting. Make your mind clear and not stressed, which is also a key factor for long-term health.


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