Is it possible to wear a mask for exercise? Is it risky to do this?

Wear a mask to exercise. Whether it’s a hygienic mask or an N95 mask to protect against PM2.5 dust, is it dangerous? Let’s see.

Face masks have become everyone’s carry-on item since the COVID-19 crisis, and not only that. But when PM2.5 dust returns during the season, N95 masks play an important role. It helps prevent toxic dust from entering our bodies. However, when we have to go to exercise, especially when running in parks or outdoor stadiums, should we wear a face mask or an N95 mask while running? Let’s try to find out whether wearing a mask while running is dangerous or not.

Can you wear a mask while exercising?

Wearing a mask to exercise This may be done in cases where we do light exercise that does not make us feel very tired. Does not cause rapid breathing or gasping for breath, such as walking, but if wearing a mask while exercising Especially if you are exercising intensively. Or heavy exercise is something that should not be done. Because when running to the point of exhaustion We will breathe shorter and faster. This is a sign that the body needs more oxygen to help with breathing.

In addition, wearing a hygienic mask while running. The carbon dioxide that we exhale will remain in the mask. Moreover, the sweat that comes out will wet the mask. It blocks holes in ventilation and reduces air flow to the lungs, heart, and blood vessels. have to work harder which may have negative effects on the body

Wear a running mask. How is it dangerous?

As I said, wearing a mask while running The body may not be able to breathe in oxygen in time. They may also re-inhale carbon dioxide that remains in the mask. and increase the risk of danger as follows:

1. Can’t breathe quickly

Just wearing a mask on stairs alone can make it difficult for us to breathe. But if you wear a mask while running, it will feel more uncomfortable. My shortness of breath has doubled. and may result in other negative consequences.

2. The heart beats faster than normal.

When you’re tired, your body doesn’t get enough oxygen. It makes us breathe faster and harder, causing our heart to beat faster. This condition may be dangerous for the elderly or people with chronic diseases such as heart disease patients. High blood pressure patients Including patients with lung disease.

3. The blood’s carbon dioxide content increases.

If we breathe in a lot of carbon dioxide, it may cause discomfort. Difficulty breathing Moreover, if carbon dioxide builds up in the blood, it will cause the blood to become acidic. Until you may feel dizzy Feeling lowered Or if there is very high carbon dioxide in the blood, there is a risk of death.

If it is necessary to wear a mask while exercising
Which one should I wear?

In the case of going to exercise in the park or a place where other people are present Then you need to wear a mask to exercise. You should choose to wear a normal hygienic mask. or normal cloth mask Because it is a mask that is effective in protecting against germs to a certain extent. It is also easy to breathe when wearing it. But just one layer is enough. There is no need to wear two layers of mask on top of each other as this will make breathing more difficult.

However, you should avoid wearing N95 masks or thick masks. The resolution of high fabrics such as FFP1 masks while exercising. This is because this type of mask has little air circulation inside the mask. This will make you tired easily and make it more difficult to breathe.

How to exercise safely during COVID?

Actually, during the COVID-19 outbreak or when the PM2.5 dust level is very high, we would like to recommend exercising at home as much as possible. But if you want to exercise outdoors to relieve boredom, here are some suggestions.

 1. Choose to exercise in a place that is not crowded with people. And keep a distance of more than 10 meters from other people to prevent droplets that occur from rapid breathing. This may spread to those behind you further than normal when blown by the wind while running.

     2. Change from running to other forms of exercise, such as yoga. But if you really want to walk and run, you may use walking exercises for about 30 minutes or alternating between walking and running intermittently.   

     3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are tired, you must take a break immediately.

     4. If you start to feel short of breath, find an open corner without people, take off your mask and breathe in and out deeply.

     5. Do not touch your face with your hands. and touching surfaces in various public places unnecessarily

     6. After exercising, wash your hands with soap and water. or alcohol gel

     7. After exercising, you should hurry back to your accommodation. Do not continue to socialize or go to crowded areas.

     8. Upon arrival at your accommodation, take a shower, wash your hair, and change clothes immediately.

Another crucial factor that supports the stimulation of our immune system is exercise. You should also consume wholesome cuisine. Make time to sleep. Additionally, you should avoid busy community areas, wash your hands regularly, keep a safe distance from others, and use a mask when going outside in order to prevent catching COVID-19.

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