Jumping rope has many benefits: losing weight, increasing height, and many more!

Did you know that there are advantages to jumping rope besides weight loss? However, jumping rope is a useful workout to get taller. Plus, jumping rope has a lot of advantages.

What can jumping rope help with? If you have ever tried to find out the benefits of jumping rope before. You may have come across the answer that jumping rope can help you lose weight. You can burn many calories per jump rope session. But in addition to helping you lose weight, Jumping rope can also increase your height. It is also good for the body, as we are going to tell you here.

1. Jumping rope can help you lose weight and cut calories!

If measured with 30 minutes of jogging, I’d say that even using a rope to jump and play will burn more calories. A study from Science Daily revealed that Jumping rope is considered a type of aerobics. This will help burn up to 1,300 calories per 1 hour of jumping rope. Or, to put it simply, by jumping rope continuously for 10 minutes, your body will burn calories equivalent to running a distance of 1.6. kilometers in 8 minutes.

 2. Increase height

See this as a fun exercise for children. But jumping rope is also good in that it can increase your height as well, let me tell you. Because jumping rope forces our body to be straight. The muscles of the back, middle of the body, and leg muscles will stretch and expand. However, we also have to keep our bodies straight while jumping rope. And if you can jump rope every day for about 15-20 minutes a day, this is like increasing your height by about 2-3 inches.  for

3. Increase coordination skills of various organs

people who Hardly able to distinguish between nerves The body doesn’t move much in a coordinated way. I’d like to try jumping rope to solve this problem. This is because jumping rope will help you focus on the rhythm of your foot movements. While your hands keep rotating the rope, this part of your brain will help you identify nerves at the same time. Therefore, this means that if you jump rope regularly This skill will continue to improve. The work of various organs will be more harmonious. 

4. Smarter!

 It seems unbelievable that just jumping rope can make you smarter. But this information has a source. The American Rope Jumping Institute found that jumping rope helps develop both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This means that learning and remembering skills, reading skills, comprehension skills, memory, and brain function will be progressively improved and will also help you concentrate more.

 5. Good for the health of the cardiovascular system.

A study from the American College of Sports Medicine reveals that jumping rope is the most preferred aerobic exercise by medical professionals. Because jumping rope will help your heart beat strong and your lungs expand. If you want to exercise, your cardiovascular system will be fit. including lung health together Researchers recommend jumping rope for at least 12-20 minutes at a time. And do it at least 3-5 times a week.

 6. Helps the respiratory system to be more relaxed.

As I said, jumping rope is a type of aerobic and cardio exercise. Therefore, if you can jump rope regularly. The body will be stronger. The heart system works better. Lungs stronger than before This time he breathed longer. No longer feel so tired that you can’t breathe in time to do various activities.

7. Strengthen your bones.

Dr. Daniel W. Barry, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Colorado, along with a team of researchers have studied the issue of premature bone degeneration. which is appropriate for professional athletes and sees that Jumping rope up and down is the best exercise for strengthening bones. Because jumping rope is a gentle physical movement. But he exercised almost every part of his muscles and bones. Therefore, it is an exercise that has little risk of injury. Especially injuries from rapid and violent body movement. 

 8. Reduces the risk of foot and ankle injuries.

 Although jumping rope seems to put weight on the feet repeatedly, if compared to sports that require fast movement such as basketball, tennis or football, it is Jumping rope also helps protect your foot and ankle muscles more. That is because jumping rope does not require you to move your feet and stop moving your feet suddenly like the sports mentioned above. Therefore, the risk of injury to this organ is relatively low.

 9. Be calmer.

The American Rope Jumping Institute revealed the results of a study that A boxer who trains his body strength by jumping rope. Will enter the ring with more concentration and a calmer mind than boxers who do not jump rope during practice. This is because jumping rope trains us to focus on the body’s relative movement. At this point, the brain is systematically related to the body. Causes more concentration for those jumping rope. And if you jump rope regularly The body and brain will remember the times when we meditate repeatedly, causing that to carry with us to our daily lives. 

10. It’s a simple, convenient, and fun exercise

.You only need one rope and you can carry it to exercise anywhere. It is a very convenient exercise, requires little equipment, and is also fun. and helps burn a lot of calories How can you not love jumping rope? Read up to this line and hurry up and pick up a rope to jump. However, jumping rope has a few limitations for people with bad knee joints. Or the bones are not very strong. In addition to that, even if it is heavy. You can easily jump rope to lose weight and receive these benefits.




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