Striking nails, what vitamin is lacking? What kind of lines on the nails are at risk of cancer?

What nutrient is missing from hitting nails? Alternatively, there are obviously noticeable nails. Is this an indication of an undiagnosed illness or health issue?

Vertical lines, horizontal lines on your nails, or notice white nails It’s a brown line. Just by looking at it, you can feel that your nail health shouldn’t be normal, right? When there is a trend that striped nails may be at risk of cancer, the more people will feel worried. Therefore, for clarification on the matter of what vitamin does stringy nails lack? Can vertical lines on your nails indicate disease ? So we’ve gone looking for information for you to read here.

Vertical lines on the nails

The nails have vertical lines and the lines are clearly visible. It may be caused by the following reasons:
  • Deficiency of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, iron, zinc, or magnesium.
  • aging
  • Dry skin, dehydrated skin
  • Nail biting behavior
  • Fungal infection under the nail
  • Chronic inflammatory skin disease, Lichen Planus, which is caused by an abnormality of the immune system. Symptoms are found on the skin, hair, nails, and mucosal tissue or mucous membranes lining the skin.
  • Nail psoriasis
  • rheumatoid disease
  • Hypothyroid disease or a condition in which the thyroid gland works less Causes the body to lack thyroid hormones.
  • Peripheral artery disease

The nails are horizontal lines.

If the nail has white lines across it Or is it a horizontal line? It can be caused by reasons such as
  • Zinc or protein deficiency may cause cloudy white spots to appear on the nails, also known as nail blossoms.
  • Decorating your nails, doing gel nails, decorating your nails with other materials for a long time can damage the surface of your nails until the nails become lines.
  • Accidents involving nails, such as a door pinched by nails Or a heavy object falls onto your hand and hits your nail violently.
  • Accumulated stress Will result in weak nails. Easier to become fragile
  • Eczema, inflammatory skin disease or fungal, yeast, bacterial, or viral wart infections.
  • psoriasis
  • Having a high fever over a long period of time It may be caused by a COVID infection. dengue fever or pneumonia, etc.
  • Low protein in the body (Hypoalbuminemia) where there may be white lines across the nails. And if you use your hand to press on the nail, the white color that appears will fade.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes There may be white lines covering 2/3 of the nail area.
  • Syphilis, which may cause the body to make fewer nails causing a dent to appear Therefore causing a horizontal scratch on the nail.
  • Thyroid disease can also cause the nail to have raised, horizontal lines.
  • Kidney function is reduced or abnormal.
  • Mumps
  • chronic kidney disease
  • Chronic blister disease Caused by the body’s immune system not functioning properly.
  • Peripheral artery disease This can cause the nails to form horizontal lines.
  • Chemotherapy in cancer patients

Black lines on the nails

In medical terms, it is called Longitudinal Melanonychia. Symptoms may include lines in the nails. Brown lined nails Or you may see black lines on your nails. It looks like a patch along the length of the nail from the base of the nail to the tip of the nail. and ranges from a single line to many lines. It can occur for many reasons, such as:
  • Freckles or moles under the fingernails
  • aging
  • Race, especially Asians or dark-skinned people
  • Injury to the nail area, such as being pressed on, a door pinched, or nail biting
  • Pregnancy, which may stimulate melanin production
  • Dry skin condition or eczema
  • Taking certain medications, such as antiviral drugs and certain types of chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Fungal infection under the nail
  • Immune deficiency disease
  • Thyroid disease, which may also be accompanied by brittle nails
  • Certain genetic diseases that stimulate melanin production
  • Melanoma (Malignant Melanoma) is caused by abnormally dividing melanin-producing cells. This causes more pigment to be produced until symptoms appear, such as nails with black lines or nails with brown patches (Subungual Melanoma), uneven color. The jagged edges aren’t straight. It’s usually just one nail.

Nails are lined like this.
You must hurry to see a doctor!

Stringy nails are often not harmful. because a deficiency of nutrition is typically the cause. concussion Including how the skin and nails change as people age, etc., with the exception of situations in where specific anomalies are also discovered in the nails, like

  • There are changes in the nail surface. or the shape of the nail has changed, such as distorted, pitted, rough, peeling nails
  • Nails change in abnormal color, such as turning white, green, yellow, or black.
  • The nail has black or dark brown lines with unclear boundaries. Uneven color
  • The nail is larger than 6 millimeters.
  • Black lines on the nails grow quickly or spread to the skin around the nail or cuticle
  • Have a wound, lump, swelling, or easily bleed under the nail
  • Feeling pain under the nail
  • Symptoms first begin at age 40 and older.
  • Have a family history of melanoma in the nail area (Nail Melanoma) before
  1. Lined nails, can they be treated?

  2. Treatment for lined nails depends on the cause of the condition. If it is found that it is from a disease, it must be treated according to the guidelines of that disease or if it is found that the nails are stringy from a lack of certain nutrients. You must change your behavior to bring your nails back to good health.


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