Latest Covid symptoms in 2024, what are they initially like? How many days does it take to recover? Is it dangerous?

Do COVID 2024 symptoms differ from those of previous COVID-19 cases? after discovering that the epidemic had spread widely? Rumors also suggest that it’s a novel COVID-19 strain.

COVID-19 in 2024 is still present. Furthermore, it can be stated that the number of COVID-19 infections has obviously increased dramatically in the few days since the new year. Moreover, the individuals in his vicinity were progressively becoming unwell. Thus, let’s avoid becoming smug. Let’s attempt to verify the most recent data. What are the most recent Covid 2024 symptoms? Is it harmful? And is this, as scientists have speculated, an epidemic of a novel strain of Covid?

Will the new strain of Covid really spread
in 2024 ?

The latest Covid that is currently spreading in Thailand is still mostly the XBB.1.9.2 strain, but there is likely to be the EG.5 strain of Covid and the XBB.1.16 strain, also known as the Covid strain A. Arcturus, a subspecies of Omicron, has increased in prevalence. And it may be a species that will overtake the original subspecies in the near future.

Regarding the recently discovered COVID strain that is purported to be JN.1, it is in fact a subspecies of Omicron. That again mutated from the omicron subspecies, similar to BA.2.86, proving that it is not a novel strain of Covid as previously thought.

However, JN.1 is categorized as a strain to monitor by the WHO. due to its capacity to swiftly and readily transmit illness. because it can re-infect people and has a resistance to immunity that is many times greater than other strains. It was discovered recently that the number of people worldwide afflicted with this strain of COVID has grown. This strain has also been detected to be infectious in Thailand.

What are the latest COVID symptoms in 2024 ?

The latest COVID symptoms are still not very severe. Especially for people who have already received the COVID vaccine. Most will have symptoms similar to the flu, such as

  • dry cough
  • sore throat
  • Have a fever
  • headache
  • have mucus
  • Have phlegm
  • body aches
  • Red eyes (some people)
  • Can’t smell, can’t taste (some people)
  • Diarrhea (some people)
  • Fatigue (some people)
  • Tired (some people)
  • Palpitations, rapid heartbeat (some people)
  • Difficulty swallowing (some people)

But if the body contains very little Covid, If you feel sick, you should continue testing for COVID with ATK until the fourth or fifth day after symptoms start, as testing with ATK may not detect the infection. And you should consult a doctor and get the necessary therapy if the sickness worsens.

How many days does Covid last?

 When you will recover from COVID depends on each person’s symptoms. Because there are many different factors. Both the number of germs and the strains of germs that enter the body Including the strength of the immune system to fight germs.
Regarding the transmission of infection, however, it will be discovered that there is a 50% possibility of virus dissemination after a patient who is infected and has been isolated for five days. However, the likelihood of the infection spreading will drop to 25% after 7 days. Additionally, only 10% of the population will be at risk of contracting the sickness after ten days have gone; nonetheless, it is safest to wait until 14 days have passed after the infection recurred.
Therefore, quarantining for at least 5 days according to the Ministry of Public Health’s measures can reduce the chance of spreading the virus. Or, if possible, you should quarantine yourself for 7-10 days until you have no symptoms and the ATK test is negative, so you can go back out and live your life normally. However, in some people, some people may still have slight symptoms, such as being cured of COVID but still coughing. That’s just inflammation of the organ that remains in the body. The symptoms will gradually improve later.

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